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"I had a lot of leg pain and weakness from tendon and muscle issues. I was concerned about the balance, strength, and especially pain. I walked out of my very first session with Valerie with a LOT less pain and feeling more relaxed and stronger. Amazing! Valerie brings a warm, personal approach to her work. She is GREAT listener and was willing to do additional research about different possibilities. She also took time to educate me about her techniques and answer all my questions. She instantly made feel comfortable. Now that I’m on a path to having my problem addressed, I feel more optimistic about my ability to work with my body being healthy. Thank you so much, Valerie, for your special way of helping me!!!"  -- Sara R.

"I had surgery in October 2017 to repair the broken radius of my right wrist. I was released from my surgeon and physical therapist in early January 2018. I had regained much range of motion, though my wrist still does not feel like it was part of my body. My wrist feels loose and limber after three or so treatments with Valerie, and I have nearly regained the strength I had before breaking my wrist. We also discovered the source of my low back pain and have been receiving treatment as an added benefit. This therapy is different from any other I have experienced before. I feel loose, relaxed, and more mobile after every treatment. I realized after my first treatment what this therapy could do to improve my quality of life. I experienced years of tightness melt from areas of my body with which I have been living with for years. I look forward to treatments because I feel better after each one." -- Sondra M.


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